Radio Trailer



Using Indesign

When creating my Listings Magazine I had to use Indesign, which I hadn’t previously used before. My teacher gave me a brief introduction on how to begin using it and inserting particular features such as texts box’s and layers. As I already had an overall idea of how I wanted my ancillary to look I used the text box’s to position where I wanted all of my text to be, this way I could figure out where the best place to position the images would be.

When inserting images it was a long process as to enable the images too look the best quality it took various crops and editing on photoshop, so that the images fitted within the columns perfectly within out loosing quality. This would include changing the pixels of the image and testing it on Indesign. Indesign does give you settings in which you can chose to have the image to fit particular scales however in my case it continued to make my image look stretched.
Screen Shot 2014-01-29 at 10.01.29 Screen Shot 2014-01-29 at 10.02.22

It was difficult to gain an idea on which size to make the fonts as my article is based on an A4 Listings Magazine, but previewing it on a computer isn’t the same as how it will look once printed, so although the fonts look small on the screen they may be quite large in reality. As i used various fonts it was difficult to make sure that they were all of the same size to ensure my Article didn’t look unprofessional.

Radio Trailer Script

Me: Hello my name is Danielle Ferrier and I’m 17 years old.

For the adults of you listening you may not realize how your choices can affect your children.
Which is why I’ve recently created a documentary based on me confronting my parents on events such as them getting a divorce and when we lived at a pub for 3 years.

 Me: Did you ever wonder how it would affect me?

Mum: I didn’t get much choice; it wasn’t my decision.

Ronnie: They used to argue a lot.
Ronnie: Like a silly argument was blown into a massive one

Mum: It probably destroyed a lot of the family bonds

Me: I created this documentary, as I knew it would appeal to both adults and teenagers as they could both see how I dealt with the situation.
For those of you who would like to watch my documentary; tune in to channel 4 on Thursday 6th February at half 7 pm.

After analysing other radio advertisements/trailers I decided that I wanted to include some sound clips from my actual documentary so that the audience had an idea of the conflict involved. After looking through all of my footage I found a few clips which I wanted to include which are the ones shown in my radio script. I wanted to give a brief description on what the documentary was about and the reasons for me creating it as it allows the audience to understand me slightly without the need to watch it. I also thought that this might influence them to watch it, as they know it was creating for a genuine reason and to help me confront past events. I came to the conclusion of using Capital FM as my radio station after researching various radio stations, Capital FM seemed most suitable as it’s audience are my specific target market.

Analysing Kiss Radio Advertisements/Trailers

Both advertisements were found on Kiss FM.

‘Wake up with Ricky Melvin and Charlie in the morning
Weekdays from 6am.’

For a radio advertisement this is plain and simple, as it’s advertising another radio feature from the channel itself. For those in the audience who listen to Kiss regularly they will be aware who Ricky, Melvin and Charlie are. Apart from that they only state which time they will be featured on the radio.


‘Narrator – Guess who’s back?
Kourtney – Are you excited to see us?
Narrator – A lots changed
Bruce – Oh boy
Narrator – Don’t miss brand new series 8, Keeping up with the Kardashians
Kim – I think Kanye will be so obsessed and so into it
Narrator – Thursday at 9 on 4 music, free view 18, sky 360 and virgin 330
Kris – and people said we had no talent’

The trailer for Keeping Up With The Kardashian uses quotes that are also featured in their Television Advertisement. These have been integrated cleverly to match what the Narrator says, as an example Narrator ‘Guess who’s back?’, Kourtney ‘Are you excited to see us?’, which gives the effect that its also an interview as Kourtney seems to be answering the question. Each sentence from each character convinces the audience to watch the new series as they make it sound as though there is loads of new drama. Kanye West is also going to be featured in the new series which will widen the audience of the programme as any fans on Kanye may decide to view it. They state clearly what time the programme will be on and they mention each of the channels which it is available to view on.

Out of the two advertisements the Keeping Up With The Kardashians is my favourite. I like the fact that it uses the voices from people which take part in the programme, those who are fans of the programme will be able to tell who they are by the voices of the characters. Analysing these have allowed me to come to some conclusions based on my own radio advertisement. As my documentary has a serious narrative I’m mainly going to use my voice for the advertisement, however any sound footage which I feel could fit in I will try various things too see which sounds best.